Postville Blacksmith Shop


Nazel Specialists

Postville Blacksmith Shop has rebuilt over 20 Nazel forging hammers, sizes 1B – 4B, from tune ups to complete teardown and re-machining of all parts.

Work Performed

  • new crankshaft and rod bearings
  • crankshaft grinding
  • new crankshafts
  • cylinder boring
  • spray welding and machining rams
  • machining ram dovetails
  • machining ram ring grooves
  • new guide plates
  • new dies
  • new sow blocks
  • new bearing blocks
  • new poppet valves
  • new mufflers
  • new connecting rods
  • new pistons and new pinion gears
  • cushioning plugs and bushings

We can supply rebuilt Manzel oilers too.

We have a small supply of original equipment parts and can help source consumables like leather and cast iron rings.

We have some original prints to work from although older machines have to be adapted to their current condition.

We have worked on parts sent here and also on complete machines sent here. We have a good truck line for flat bed loads. For example the cost of sending a 3B here from Seattle was $1200.00. We can work in your shop but we prefer to do the work here.

We can supply references from satisfied customers.

Our goal is to restore these beautiful machines to run like they are supposed to- hit from a tap to a hard blow high or low.

Used Nazel Parts

  • Nazel 3B crankshaft, rear piston, ram, connecting rod, poppet valve, rear bearing holder.
  • Nazel 4B rear cylinder head, front cylinder head, ram, compressor piston, foot pedal to valve connector rods, foot pedal arm, connecting rod.